Essential Oil Candle Making

For Christmas, I was delighted to use my Young Living Essential Oils to create a special treat for each of my friends. I racked my brain to see what I could make that would include these powerful oils. Someone I was sharing my thoughts with suggested candles. And that was it for me. I love candles, who doesn’t? Most candles we buy nowadays are filled with unhealthy additives and perfumes and aren’t suited for breathing. And most of them aren’t infused with the power of essential oils!

Essential Oil Candle

I personally feel that hand-crafted gifts are more precious to give than anything I could buy for someone. During the candle-making process, I focused on holding lots of love for each person for whom I made a candle.

Since there are specific essential oils for health, wellness, Abundance, Joy, and numerous other topics, I made a list of my friend’s deepest desires and challenges to come up with a special formula that was well-suited to each person.

For my friend “J”, I knew her challenges were with getting a good night’s sleep and keeping family harmony. Her formula included Lavender Essential Oil for sleep and Joy for togetherness. Some of the candles had two layers, separated by color and scent, while a couple actually had three and four layers!


I did some research and found a blog post that showed me how easy it was to use soy wax flakes to make essential oil candles with basic, everyday items. I’m a Prime member, so I started shopping on Amazon and found a 10lb bag for about $20. Although I love Amazon for most of my shopping, I was thrilled to find The Lone Star Candle Supply, which has a large assortment of candle-making supplies, as well as a candle-making university that provides additional education.

Here are the basic ingredients needed to make one candle with 8oz of wax:

  • 2 cups soy wax flakes – Buy Here
  • 1 8oz Mason jar (or 2 4oz Mason jars) – Buy Here
  • 1 large glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water
  • 1 wick with metal base – Buy Here
  • 1 wooden closepin
  • 20-30 drops of pure Essential Oil (I am a Young Living Distributor, so I use only their oils)
  • 1 wooden spatula (dedicated to candle making)
  • 1 wooden skewer
  • OPTIONAL: candle dye for different colors – Buy Here
  • OPTIONAL: Mini pouring pot


Prepare all areas where candles are being made with paper towels!

Fill the pot with 2 cups water; bring to a boil. Lower to a simmer. Carefully place bowl on top of pot. Add soy flakes. Using wooden spoon, stir often as flakes begin to melt.

Bowl and boiling pot

Once flakes are completely melted into liquid, (optionally) add dye and stir with wooden skewer. Turn off heat and carefully pour liquid into mini pouring pot.

Mini pouring pot

Mini pouring pot with liquid and dye.

If you do not have a pouring pot, you will have to pour from the glass bowl. Dip metal end of wick into liquid, retaining enough wax to set, and place into the center of the bottom of the containers. Use a wooden skewer to assist with pressing the metal end of the wick into the candle. Allow wax to set before attaching wooden clothespin so that it supports an upright position for the wick.


It is very important that the clothespin is steady so when you are ready to pour the liquid, it will stay put.

Add the essential oils to your liquid while still in the pouring pot or bowl and stir using the wooden skewer. It is important not to do this while heating to avoid burning off the fragrance. It is also easier to do this prior to adding to the candle container to prevent movement of the wick.

Once the wick is set, carefully pour the liquid into the candle container. If the wick does shift during this process, the wooden skewer can help guide it back into place. If you are making layered candles, pour the liquid to the desired level and let cool for many hours before adding the additional layers. Leave the clothespin in place until the candle has completely cooled.

First layer of liquid in jar

Wax is very messy and difficult to clean. Here are some tips for handling it:

  • Use paper towels EVERYWHERE. Wax will drip on places you never imagined!
  • DO NOT put liquid wax down the drain. You will incur serious plumbing issues!
  • Wipe wax out of the glass bowl while still liquified (but not too hot) and pouring pot using paper towels. Follow up with Windex to completely remove remaining wax.
  • Wax melts wax, so if some residue remains in your utility containers, you can remove it on the next round of wax melting!


Once the wax has cooled (at least 2 hours), remove the clothespin and cut the wick. Let the candle cool overnight before adding a lid or other cover.

I have enjoyed making candles so much it has become a calming activity for me, and continues to be great gifts for friends! I no longer have to buy expensive candles that are infused with scents I do not enjoy. AND I can reuse the containers from old candles as well!

I calculated the ingredients purchased above plus lids and labels, and the average cost per 8oz candle is about $3.


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